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Sunday, October 9, 2011


My wish? ada gik la. mageyy xD haha. 

I wish to meet my idol in canada, USA. he was born on 1st march 1994 at 12.56 am on Tuesday.  His name given is justin bieber. I'm interested with him when i hear his songs on youtube when i'm in age 13 until now. i like when his flip his hair and i like his smile too. when i know that Justin Bieber is soming to malaysia on 21st april 2011. i felt very excited and want to go but i can't  because its school day. so, i felt sad. i know that this is my chance to meet him, my idol. it's complicated because i'm still young. after the concert , the next day i saw his concert in malaysia at youtube. i'm grinning when i saw him. he's so cool and handsome. i know its hard to meet a famous celebrity who lives far away. thats all today :)